• I have known and worked with Dr. Levin for many years. He repaired my torn pec as a USA National Rugby Team player and then worked with him when I was Head Strength and Conditioning, USA National Rugby Team. He is diligent, responsive and a highly skilled surgeon. Plus a top bloke.

    David Williams
    Head Strength and Conditioning
    USA Rugby 2006-2016

  • Blew out my ACL playing D1 football. Researched Dr. Steven Levin; Northwestern grad, USA Rugby doc, Tournament Handball player himself so had him do my surgery. Used patella tendon autograft and back playing stronger than ever. Pushed me hard in post-op rehab as if I were his son. He takes it personally. Wouldn’t have had anyone else for my surgery!
  • Blew out my ACL playing D1 football. Researched Dr. Steven Levin; Northwestern grad, USA Rugby doc, Tournament Handball Player himself. He did my surgery with patella tendon autograft. Back playing stronger than before as he pushed me hard in post-op rehab. Treated me like his son. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!
  • I am a fellow handball player like Dr.Levin. I have had major issues with my knee. The time he took to explain the treatment and the results was very satisfying. He was very professional and answered all my questions. The results of my treatment was right on for what he explained to me. I am back to work and more importantly back on the handball court. I would highly recommend Dr Stephen Levin for any knee or shoulder issues. Ron M.
  • had surgery done on shoulder. surgery was performed on time. minimal pain afterword. would highly recommend.
  • Doctor looked at my X-ray and advised me not to have surgery. He went further and asked another doctor about his opinion and it was the same. Honest guy! Highly recommended!
  • I cannot recommend Dr. Steven Levin too highly! As a professional pianist and university music professor my hands, arms and shoulders are my livelihood. I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for years, and always assumed it was a result of my long hours at the piano. My primary care physician sent me to Dr. Levin, whom she described as “the shoulder guy”! Dr. Levin diagnosed calcific tendonitis in my shoulder and explored non-surgical treatments, none of which eased my symptoms. An MRI scan revealed that the calcium buildup was very large and had probably damaged the tendons of my rotator cuff. Dr. Levin recommended arthroscopic surgery to remove the calcium and repair any damage. I was terrified of the idea and fixated on the disruption to my career. The doctor did an excellent job of calming me down and explained why this was my best treatment option. The surgery was a great success, thanks to Dr. Levin! He removed the extensive calcium buildup, shaved a bone spur and repaired a small tear to my rotator cuff. Dr. Levin and his excellent physician assistant, Lindsey Dolezal, saw me two days after surgery. They checked my post-surgical shoulder mobility, explained the surgery in detail (with fascinating photographs that show whole operation) and detailed the recovery process to me. Thankfully, my recovery went very smoothly. I did exactly as they told me with regards to care of my shoulder, including not playing the piano with my left hand for almost four weeks. I then had seven weeks of PT with the terrific Sean McInerney at Evanston Athletic Club. I am delighted to say that playing the piano is physically easier for me than it has been in years. I assumed that I would manage pain and discomfort for the remainder of my career. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Levin and his team I was mistaken!
  • Dr. Steven D. Levin recently operated on my knee. I had a torn ACL, LCL & medial meniscus. I wanted the best Sports surgeon in Chicago & know he's the USA Rugby Team's Orthopaedic Surgeon. A friend who plays for the team strongly recommended him because he's compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. He did a major reconstruction & in record time I was back playing sports. He is a gifted surgeon who is a master at his craft. He guided me with incomparable professionalism from start to finish. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Levin because he's not only the best at what he does, but also because he cared about what I thought and took the time to explain the procedures and answer all of my questions.
  • Still the best since he replaced my right total shoulder 2010.
  • Dr Levin went outside of his focus area to notice an issue outside of his primary focus which may resulted in an incurable condition worsening instead of resulting in a favorable outcome. He went beyond to notice a mass in my lungs and insisted I take actions before he would consider shoulder surgery. He may have saved my life as this mass was nominally cancerous but being caught early allowed for early intervention and nominal surgery to address the issue and ensure my overall health. His focus on the patient’s health instead of a myopic perspective will always be greatly appreciated.
  • I was referred by a colleague to Dr. Levin after I injured my knee playing a recreational sport. I was able to make an apt within days of my injury, so there was no long wait time to get in. Dr. Levin immediately diagnosed me with an ACL tear which was confirmed by a follow-up MRI. Dr. Levin exudes confidence and experience and scheduled me for ACL reconstruction surgery which took place approximately 1 month after my injury, giving my knee some time to heal from the initial bruising and damage that was caused by the ACL tear. The surgery was outpatient at NorthShore University Hospital in Skokie which is a beautiful facility. Dr. Levin used a piece of my hamstring to act as my new ACL and I only have 5 small cuts around my knee that were used to perform the surgery. I am currently recovering and confident that my knee will be back to what it once was before my injury. Dr. Levin’s knowledge and experience with knees is very impressive and I would highly recommend him!
  • Dr. Levin is forthright and an exceptional surgeon. My shoulder replacement and recovery went smoothly. If you want touchy feely you will be disappointed. If you want the truth straight out, this is the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Levin.
  • My experience with Dr. Levin has been exceptional. I have had shoulder issues for 3-4 years and after my first consultation with him, I knew he was the right doctor for me. After seeing my MRI, Dr. Levin assured me he could take care of the problems in my shoulder. He said I would be able to resume my activities that I had not been able to do without discomfort. He was very knowledgeable and professional as well as understanding of my situation. Since he has done the surgery on my shoulder, I am confident I will fully recover from rotator cuff surgery. Dr Levin also operated on both of my son’s shoulders and they have made complete recoveries and are back competing at a high level in handball. I have high regards for Dr Levin and his staff. I highly recommend him.
  • Dr. Levin helped me through my running injuries. He was very professional, thorough, and he did a great job explaining the nature of my injuries in a way that I could easily understand. He took a conservative approach to my treatment and stressed the importance of following through with my physical therapy. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for sports injuries.
  • Dr. Levin reconstructed my ACL after I tore it playing high school lacrosse. I’m now playing again above the level before I tore it. Dr. Levin is nothing short of amazing. I researched him out and noted he had a couple 1 star ratings. After working with Dr. Levin, those ratings had to be by disgruntled patients who probably had to wait to see him. His office is always filled with elite athletes in need of expert orthopedic surgical care. That made me want to see him even more. My entire experience with him was outstanding. Best Sports surgeon around!
  • Outstanding physician. Dr. Levin was professional, caring and technically outstanding. He performed ACL surgery on my knee and got me back to full sports at a high level. Best surgeon ever and even a better person.
  • Words cannot describe how much this man has helped me with my knee issue. After battling a torn ACL for while i saw Dr. Levin and he was amazing to say the least. The man was respectful, courteous, and performed the surgery with excellence. Three weeks post op and my knee is already better than it was before. I highly recommend, due to the fact that's he's a humanitarian and an expert in his field.
  • Dr. Steven Levin doesn't need any marketing or anything to propagandize & promote his career. He is an established orthopedic surgeon. People already know about his professionalism and his knowledge. Needless to say that he is master of his skill. What people may not know that he is PROFOUNDLY COMPASSIONATE. For him his patient & successful surgery is very important but even more than that the PERSON is most important. He connects with the person's core & the person becomes full of gratitude & indebtedness to Dr. Levin for life. I am the mother of one such person. My son a basketball player had ACL tear and other issues with his knee and was getting a run around from everyone due to his immigration issues. Dr. Levin took the entire case in his able hands and got surgery scheduled right away whereas it could have taken 6-8 months. Successful surgery was performed and my son is back in school and will be playing by Fall. God bless him & his family. Thank you so much!
  • 2 weeks ago I came in to see Dr. Steven Levin with severe pain in my right shoulder. After completing an xray Dr. Levin diagnosed the problem as Calcific Tendinitis in my right shoulder. After a cortisone shot and 2 weeks of physical therapy, my shoulder is back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Levin for any patient with shoulder problems.